Political Roles

Personal experience of injustice fuels my activism and is an ideal partner to mainstream politics.

Positive action and removing disabling barriers delivers diversity and results in policy reflecting the lived experience of the community.

The Access to Elected Office Fund helps to remove disabling barriers for would-be disabled politicians.

Political roles I have sought:

  • Stood as a Greater London Authority Labour List candidate, 2012 and 2016.
  • Reached shortlist of three for the Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Parliamentary Party nomination, 2013.
  • Elected as a Labour candidate for the local government elections in May 2014 for the Stroud Green ward in Haringey, 2014-2018

Personal experience of injustice fuels my activism. I write, talk and organise to seek to change the world. After a lifetime of campaigning, and 20 years in the Labour Party, I’ve decided it’s time to enter politics. I believe that mainstream politics is an ideal partner to grassroots activism. Together we can change the world!

Politics is dominated by non-disabled, straight, middle-aged, middle-class white men who don’t give a thought to the fact that they don’t look like most of their constituents. Positive action, adopting equality policies and removing disabling barriers is beginning to bring diversity in politics. That difference of backgrounds positively informs how policy reflects the lived experience, human rights and dignity of all members of the community.

Many disabling barriers in politics have yet to be removed. The Access to Elected Office Fund has supported me to run for office. It has provided funding to remove the barriers that stop me participating equally with my non-disabled political colleagues.


“Those who do not move do not notice their chains”

Rosa Luxemburg