Stroud Green does Abbey Road

Stroud Green does Abbey Road

Stroud Green does Abbey Road (photo description):

Four people walk across a zebra crossing in the style of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover. From right to left: Cllr Raj Sahota, a balding bespectacled Asian man wearing a fetching pin-striped suit, leads with his left foot, swinging his right arm for balance. Cllr Kirsten Hearn follows purposefully on, resplendent in her trademark bright red jacket with toning hair and excellent black, white and red chevron earrings , left foot forward, long white cane in right hand. Next in line we see Cllr Tim Gallagher, caught mid-snigger, who is on the wrong foot; a tall, slim, white young man, in understated black trousers and jacket. Bringing up the rear is Hornsey and Wood Green MP Catherine West, grinning from ear to ear, as she does her own thing, modelling a stylish pink scarf.


Photographs in the Gallery:

Kirsten Hearn

Kirsten Hearn at the Houses of Parliament

Victorious Labour

Kirsten Hearn by Tower Bridge

Kirsten Hearn Speaking at a March

Kirsten Hearn and Ken Livingstone

Kirsten Hearn Driving the Police Launch

Stroud Green does Abbey Road