Victorious Labour

Victorious Labour

Victorious Labour (photo description):

Three people stand formally posed in front of a white wall. On the left of the picture is Raj Sahota, an Asian man of medium build and height, wearing a blue-and-white checked shirt, plain navy sports jacket and blue jeans. He is bald and clean-shaven, and is smiling.
In the middle stands Kirsten, a large white woman in a red cowl-neck sweater and big silver hoop earrings. She has short red hair and bright red lipstick. She grins widely at the camera.

To her right stands Tim Gallagher, a tall slim young white man in a smart black suit with white shirt and thin black tie. He has light brown slicked-back hair and is clean-shaven and smiling. He stands with his hands in his pockets.


Photographs in the Gallery:

Kirsten Hearn

Kirsten Hearn at the Houses of Parliament

Kirsten Hearn by Tower Bridge

Kirsten Hearn Speaking at a March

Kirsten Hearn and Ken Livingstone

Kirsten Hearn Driving the Police Launch

Stroud Green does Abbey Road