Kirsten Hearn Speaking at a March

Kirsten Hearn Speaking at a March

Kirsten Hearn speaking at a march (photo description):

Wearing a red beret set at a revolutionary angle, matching red earrings and a black jacket, a large white woman with short red-brown hair stands at a lectern on a platform, speaking into a microphone held by a brown-haired white woman with glasses wearing a leopard-print jacket.

A Black man is interpreting Kirsten's speech in British Sign Language to a crowd of disabled and non-disabled people, many wearing bright colours. A photographer in a high-vis jacket is preparing a camera to take photos. A rainbow flag and a banner showing a black labyris on a white background are being held up behind them and the slogan "Dyke March" can be partially seen on the banner. Behind all, there is a winter cityscape of trees and buildings. Kirsten is obviously in full flow.


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Kirsten Hearn Speaking at a March

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