Kirsten Hearn and Ken Livingstone

Kirsten Hearn with Ken Livingstone

Kirsten Hearn and Ken Livingstone (photo description):

A street scene with Ken and Kirsten standing in front of shops and cafés. Ken has his arm about Kirsten’s shoulders. She is smiling broadly, dressed in brown soft jacket and orange open-necked shirt. Her short red-brown hair is unusually bare of hats for what is clearly a winter picture. Ken, a slim, grey-haired clean-shaven older white man, smiles broadly without showing his teeth. He wears a black suit, blue checked shirt and a darker blue tie. The duo look comradely. They are in focus and the background is blurred, though there is a sense of movement and bustle around them.


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Kirsten Hearn

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Kirsten Hearn and Ken Livingstone

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